Nuke Shelters

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  1. It's no secret the government isn't watching out for you. We all know it's a matter of time before a nuke hits within our shores. Uncle Sam isn't doling out potasium iodide pills or survival instructions. Instead they're stirring up a hundred hornets nest around the globe leaving us as with big red targets painted on our chest.

    Well, a nuke doesn't have to be that big of a deal (assuming you're not at ground zero of course) if you're prepared. So considering it's that not hard to build, would you consider building a small shelter to protect yourself and/or your family such as explained in the article below? Or would you consider that to be one step toward the Mosquito Coast?
  2. "If you see a flash of light, immediately close your eye's and get under whatever cover you have, a table, a blanket, whatever is nearby" .

    This will prevent you from seeing the shock wave of incineration, and in the extraordinarily unlikey event you survive, you cant say the government didnt give you the best advice. You survived, right?
  3. You're reminding me of the book Hiroshima!
  4. There was a book?
    I was paraphrasing some of the old add's, you know with the family at a picnic, where they duck under a rug so they can put their head between their legs and kiss their ass goodbye.

    I must have missed something, i didnt read it that carefully, but your link suggests not filtering your fallout shelters air, because it cant become radioactive per se-then a few paragraphs later, recommends dust masks in the open, because evidently dust can become radioactive. Hmm.

    How far away exactly, do they think you would be that mess of junk in your basement would really help?
    I understand the direct action of exposure, i guess it could make a lot of difference at the outer periphery of a blast.
    I guess, id be cool having a bunker, but not unless it was a proper lead lined version, like the illustrious leaders have.

    Weird, how they dumped hydrogen bombs because they were too small, then make nukes so big they couldnt reasonably use them against realistic, smaller scale threats.
  5. Actually, this is impractical where I live for the most part. I live in Arizona and five or six months out of the year, you'd live about 3 hours in an enclosed metal box before you died of heat prostration.

    I just was curious if anyone else had considered it...

    And, as I'm sure you know, they talk about building bunker busting tactical nukes. I doubt it'll ever happen tho...