Nuke Capabilities

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  1. Below is some serious commentary on nuclear effects from a megaton bomb as well as the current nuclear status and history of various third world countries.

    The good news: if you live behind a four foot wall of concrete at about two miles from ground zero, you be able to withstand the gamma radiation.

    The bad news: Saddam Hussein came within months of a nuclear program and Pakistan is surprisingly sophisticated (thanks to the Chinese) and now North Korea is getting advanced thanks to Pakistan.

    It's an informative article although you'll probably want to sleep with the lights on after you read it... :D
  2. Thanks for the article... I say we nuke those evil Pakistani terrorists, cos they got weapons of mass destruction... God Bless America...
  3. I can never tell whether you're serious or not, so the only thing I'll say is: this is a completely different situation than the Japanese situation in WWII. Nuking an unprovoked nation would be stirring up a hornets nest from the Islamic world and would lead to complete isolationism.

    However, if all the larger nuclear nations got to together and agreed in unison to set a policy, give timelines, etc., it might be steadily doable to disarm Pakistan and N Korea. To me that seems very difficult but much more plausible...
  4. Wouldn't you have to disarm India too? The Pakistanis aren't likely to give up their nukes if the Indians got to keep theirs.
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    how about disarming Israel ?
  6. Definitely an argument for that.
  7. Nah, we should leave Israel and India alone... they are democratic allies with relatively responsible governments... we should focus our efforts on Iran and Pakistan, which are evil fanatical countries with weapons of mass destruction...
  8. I say we nuke Saudi Arabia too... they are Evil...
  9. Sorry, I forgot about that: stupid comment on my part...

    There's no good solution, except maybe for a moratorium on new development backed by international military reprisal (and not some lame UN inspector system) much as I hate int'l coalitions.
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    Amen Brother Candle! And Sudan too. We can call this preemptive nuking.
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