Nuggets For Options Traders!

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  1. Please drop here hints on what you do to make money trading options; your trading rules. You don't have to give details!

  2. I have different rules for different chart-time frame.
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  4. It is dangerous placing orders to buy/sell options before market opens!
  5. why?
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    If your broker does not let you sell an optionable stock short you
    can create a synthetic short with options:
    Buy a nearby put and sell a call short at the same strike.
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    I always have some credit spreads on in stocks and indices to pay for some of my long option premiums.
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    I would not think of averaging a losing stock trade up or down but sometimes I daytrade scaling liquid options up and down because the risk is truly limited.
  9. Explain more
  10. Nothing is sure until market opens; think of gaps.
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