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  1. I hope these guys don't know something that we don't..... :-()


    After 32 years in the Seattle area, the National UFO Reporting Center is moving to a new locale in eastern Washington, a decommissioned U. S. Air Force ICBM missile base, located between the towns of Davenport and Harrington, WA, in Lincoln County. This photo of our new "digs" shows the property as it looked in the early 1960's. Click here for highres. Once the facility is cleaned and renovated, which may take up to a year, our headquarters will operate out of this facility, which was the first underground missile complex commissioned by the U. S. government.

    Our telephone service should operate smoothly, since all incoming calls to our Hotline will be automatically forwarded to our telephone. In addition, we anticipate that our internet services will be uninterrupted, although it may require several days for us to activate our new high-speed internet connection. Hence, please be patient while we get these services set up, and operating smoothly. Although our telephone number and e-mail address will remain the same, our postal mailing address will change to the following:

    National UFO Reporting Center
    P. O. Box 700
    Davenport, WA 99122

    However, we will maintain our old mailing address for the next year, or so, and all mail will be forwarded to the new address, so either address is suitable for mailing items to our Center.

    Thank you!
    Peter Davenport, Director