NUE today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ggreggerh, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. The specialist wanted the price to go up. For a while, everyone else wanted it to go up. However, there was someone out there who shorted at least 500,000-700,000 shares knocking it down after lunch. Unbelievable.
  2. Just checked NUE charts:

    nobody wanted it to go up

    You are imagining things :D
  3. you wouldnt know by looking at the chart, you had to watch the tape/specialist in order to see. it was only one person pushing nue down. did anyone else watch it?
  4. ggreg,

    What you just said is incoherent with tape reading.

    specialist can not push price down without sellers.

    What you may see on the tape may look like tape buying , probably passive buying.

    but it is obviously not confirmed by price which means whatever you are reading is wrong and there is a lot of supply avaliable.
  5. thanks. im sure you are a great trader
  6. Dont mind Coolweb, he has a huge chip on his shoulder. Dont know why, he isnt a star trader yet or anything. But he loves to share his opinions :D