Nuclear weapon

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  1. exce26


    Short : When North Korea ready to build
    Long: When North Korea give it up
  2. omcate


    I ***THINK*** North Korea already possessed nuclear weapon.
  3. exce26


    CIA caught a satelite picture;
    North Korea was tranporting a Nuclear material by truck.
    CIA thinks in March, North Korea may be able to finish Nuclear missile completion...... (It might be another pressure politic game...):cool:
  4. or it might just be that you believe any little piece of information that the media feed you (and that are being fed to them by the power that be). North Korea has nuclear power, which doesn't mean they have nuclear weapons. Whether they will build one or not, you will never truly know ;)
  5. yes, i think they already have a few nukes. the new issue is that they probably want to use the reactor to build more and/or sell their stuff.
  6. okwon


    I would think that if they had more nukes they would definitely be inclined to sell them, especially with their economy in the dumps. They already actively sell other weapons and weapons technology to the highest bidders. Not to mention their narcotics trafficking. What would stop them from adding nukes to their exports?
  7. nkhoi


    probably out of self preservation, what keeping their customer from turning on them, beside it is more lucrative and fun to keep dumping counterfeit 100 bill into US economy.
  8. Because selling nukes might put them in a war. The threat of selling them is much more valuable. They get attention and they can extort the West.
  9. omcate


    I have one question. Why did the Chinese and Russian allow North Korea to develop nuclear weapons ? Don't they know that North Korea can be a threat to them too.

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  10. Let's nuke those evil scum North Koreans, cos they got nukes...
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