Nuclear plant owner falsified records

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Big business trying to cut costs and then lying.

    Who would have thought of that.

    It's a 2 horse race these days as to who lies the most, governments or corporations.

    Shame what money and power does to people........
  3. Liars everywhere. But this is a big deal, judging by the massive damage being inflicted...
  4. It looks like the earthquake and/or tsunami were caused by a nuclear bomb. The explosion at the nuclear power plant was cover for the radiation from the bomb.

    As usual, it's all about scaring hot chicks into submission. Same thing in Pearl Harbor. Japan owned much of Hawaii. US Govt scared Hawaii into their protection racket.
  5. deal with it.
    And we need electricity. It's the modern day prey. Ancient hunters sometimes would loose their lives trying to bring food back to the cave. Same difference here.
    And this trash talk about "big corporations" is laughable here. It takes a big corporation to run any power station.
  6. capillaries. does not water get into a coconut at a higher height?