Nuclear Plant in Canada just 'leaked radioactive water' 19,280 gallons

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Cyborg2, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Cyborg2


  2. Cyborg2


    Special posting for alias called GTS

    He is a mental man masquerading as a normal man, people like him are why world gets into trouble.
    He keeps saying this is not Chernobyl. But radiation is out to sea (which will create its own problems).

    What part of Western ward wind would have finished Japan as a country don't you understand mental boy

  3. I know you are fear mongering, and would like to capitalize on the events in Japan to sensationalize this story, but if you read past the title of the article, you will notice:

    "From a regulatory perspective, this is a very low-level event. There is no impact to quality of drinking water," the power company said.

    The Canadian commission on nuclear safety also said the risk to the environment and human health was "negligible."

    aka this means nothing and wouldn't have even made the news if not for Japan.
  4. Samsara


    Mods, this alias is "cold", who has been banned here probably over a few hundred times.

    Please shut this idiot up for us and make him go through the hassle of creating another account.
  5. Cyborg2


    This guy divorced you or something so you see him everywhere ha ha ha
  6. Cyborg2


    So why don't we dump radioactive water all the time into lakes when its no big deal just like Japanese Chernobyl is no big deal for you
    You are mental man

    You are king of mental
  7. Thank goodness it is just radioactive water released into the lake not a home heating fuel tank leak in someones yard in New Jersey !!!!! (sarcasm)

    The entire Gulf of Mexico Oil spill miraculously cleared up faster than I can get a rental property to be certified State clean on a 10 x 10 foot patch of soil within that property, that was determined to have home heating fuel present .

    Three year cleanup for basically a parking space of soil and $135,000. in costs already !!! Still waiting for an NFA letter.
    Does NJ care that much about our health that they go out of their way to do this to homeowners or is this just the biggest bullshit scam ?

    Contaminants are present all over the world .... but damn, have a few gallons of heating fuel on your property in NJ and the EPA has soil remediation companies excavating 18 feet completely under the home and well into the property.

    NJ .... what the ??????

    edit: I am all for the cleanup-it is the extent to which the state takes it in years and costs that are wrong.
  8. Cyborg2


    I think people get drinking water out of that lake
    Would you drink that water now ?
    I wouldn't
  9. dtan1e


    bottled radioctive water available
  10. Now that a previous poster mentioned it, I do realize you are that same douchebag cold. Your trademark reply to yourself confirms this. Your are a liar and a fear monger, plain and simple. But I will humour you with this last post.

    I know you didn't read the article, or any article on this news event, because they all say the same thing:

    A demineralized water leak at Pickering nuclear power plant contained “negligible radiation” and poses little risk, Ontario Power Generation said on Wednesday.

    “No risk at all, really,” said spokesman Ted Gruetzner. “This is like a small drop in Lake Ontario. Not a concern at all.”

    The leak of water circulating through an old spent fuel bay occurred late Monday after a pump seal failed. About 73,000 litres — enough to fill three-quarters of a backyard pool — was released from Pickering A generator.

    I would gladly drink the water coming out of this lake.
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