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    December 23, 2009

    SouthAmerica: Today I was surfing the web and I came across the following list "Nuclear Person Bio - Database" which includes my name:

    Carbon Capture Report™, a service of the University of Illinois

    The University of Illinois has this website where they keep track of people regarding their work and opinions about nuclear technology.

    I have no idea why they added my name to that list?

    Check it out at the following website:

    Nuclear Person Biographical Database

    My name was added to the list on December 6, 2009

    Ricardo C. Amaral – 12/06/2009

    The “Nuclear Person” list includes the names of a bunch of famous people including Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Noam Chomsky, Bertrand Russell, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong ll (North Korea), and many other celebrities and world leaders.

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    Perhaps being Brazil's minister of science and technology has something to do with it???

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    Today Dr. Sergio Machado Rezende is Brazil's minister of science and technology.