Nuclear Meltdown Trade

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    They aren't fully reporting it and the government and media are still lying to people (which they always do in these situations), telling them 10km or 20km evacuations are safe, and there has not been a meltdown yet, etc.

    But at least one of those plants IS in meltdown, and the others are likely to go.

    What's the trade here?

    Do any public companies manufacture Potassium Iodide?
    Medical supplies directly related to radiation/cancer treatment?
    What about shipping companies to carry supplies to Japan?

    Other trade ideas. Specific tickers appreciated.
  2. Guns
    Canned Food
    Land in the east say ME..

    Seriously. Oil is going up, anything nuke related in the US is going down i.e. look at the nuke utility co's to short......future nuke relicensing requirements are going to cost $$$$.

    Short reinsurance co's they are starting to bleed and sharks are in the water now.

    Finally buy some gold insurance GLD if the whole economic ship starts to sink. The FED's deck chair shuffle may not work.
  3. Japan will sell US Treasury bonds.

    If Nuclear is no longer politically viable source of energy. Crude & Natural gas to spike?

    Dow probably closes up 100 points
  4. Man I hope something really awful happens here in the states, just a shit storm, a nuclear winter. Then I hope another country trades on it and makes a fortune.
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    I'm a japanese american you douche.

    And if trading on news events to protect one's portfolio is immoral in your view, why are you on these boards. Go join a commune or live out in the woods or something. Speculation and hedges are part of capitalism, and ignoring major news as a moral stand will only make you a martyr... and a really stupid one at that.
  6. lol. I didn't say any of that. I just said if it happens here I hope a shit load of people make money off of it.
  7. looks like the doomers are jumping on any reason they can find to short. they will be in for a rude awakening.
  8. I hear Nikkei is planned to open Monday. Bad idea me thinks.
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  10. LNG and oil. Marginal stations oil...
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