Nuclear Energy is Dead.

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    Stick a fork in it.

    3 reactors leaking in Japan ala 3-mile Island, one just hours away from catastrophic meltdown ala Chernobyl.

    The end. :(
  2. Or, the beginning. If Japan can contain this incidence in the face of one of the worst natural disasters in its history, then that speaks towards nuclear energy, not against it.

    Besides California, where else in America is an 8.9 earthquake likely to happen?
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    If they don't get a valve open and the top of that dome blows off its going to be pretty bad.
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    Not to worry. The radiation will blow out to sea and drop into the ocean where it will grow some monster fish and solve the Japanese fishing problem to boot. :D
  7. Around St. Louis.
  8. Not funny........
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  10. Quite. If New Madrid slips, nothing else will matter, not the birthers, not the deficit, nothing.

    It is actually the one natural disaster I fear. There is a major inland naval base at Memphis, and it is nuclear equipped. None of the buildings in my state were built for earthquakes, I live in Illinois.

    If New Madrid slips it will cripple the heartland. They do not call it the heartland for nothing.
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