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  1. using established ability to trade and being asked to manage money im here in this journal to create a strategy to help me meet my goals... with accuracy and consistency.


    1. create system to manage large pool of funds emphasis on short term positions where consistency and stability in growth is priority.

    2. push 6 months to one year with system in verifiable profits showing monthy and/or weekly consistency in profits.

    3. to have clear consistent explained entries/exits/stops

    4. to have clear consistent explained account management including minimal exposure for gain, volatility control, draw down control, re-entrance scaling for winning positions as well as improved risk:reward

    5. 6 month goal average break even and provide time for refinement and year goal increased profitability.

    input welcome
  2. Open Orders

    Long USD/JPY E=89.636 SL=88.434
    Long EUR/CHF E=1.48745 SL= 1.47487
    Short GBP/USD E=1.42366 SL=1.4460
    Short AUD/CAD E=.79440 SL=.80720


    Short EUR/GBP E=.91216 SL=.92476


    1% of Account

    USD/JPY adjusted units = 156
    EUR/CHF adjusted units = 135
    GBP/USD adjusted units = 70
    AUD/CAD adjusted units = 136


    EUR/GBP adjusted units = 136

    Readjustments made next day based on position incremental additions will be made at time of purchase or sale due to algorithm basing on wave distance
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    Hey NTW31

    Well Sir - Keep On keepin On:)
    and congratulations

  4. feeling that off of the 3hr chart the aud/cad has become parabolic position was liquidated


    expected break of the USD/JPY short drives us out of the trade as it seems to be finding much resistance on the 3hr failure new high may not be made TL expected break profit protection comes in position liquidated


    GBP/USD on breakout was liquidated to cut losses

    -27 pips

    EUR/CHF still holding waiting for reaction at TL

    still holding floating loss of -16 pips