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  1. So, I was hoping to get some insight on a longer-term position I took recently. I got long NTRI a month and a half back as it broke out of its consolidation and I added to the position when it A. retested the highs of the previous consolidation and B, started going up on pretty sizable volume. It went straight up from like $18 to $33 in a very short period of time, with very few down days. There was some news during this time, like Walgreens and Walmart displaying their products, so I guess the market reacted favorably to that news. Then the trend changed, the uptrend paused, and then it broke past $32 on the downside and went straight down, almost as fast as it went up.


    So, I'm sure there are many reasons for this peculiarly quick upmove and downmove. Can someone shed some insight into the trade? It has a large short interest, and I suspected that maybe the fast upmove was due to shorts covering, but it wasn't. I would just like to understand this trade a little better, and maybe hear some theories as to what happened?
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    too much competition

    GSk new drug and some kind of smoothie which kills appetite

    buy rumor sell the news
  3. What? I'm sorry I know you're trying to be helpful, but I don't understand.
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    The big move up started the morning after they reported 3rd quarter eanings. The down move began right after they annouinced a write off due to an acquisition. Coincidence? :)
  5. a 5m goodwill and impairment charge can do so much?
    "NutriSystem expects a $5M impairment charge in Q4 - Nutrisystem announced
    that it expects to take a non cash charge of up to $5M before taxes to
    reflect an impairment charge on the value of the goodwill and identifiable
    intangibles related to its Nu-Kitchen fresh food delivery business that
    currently services the New York City area, which the company acquired in July
    2008. The company expects to take the charge in the Q4 of FY09 and intends to
    finalize its impairment analysis prior to the release of its 2009 financial