NTRI- short squeeze approaching

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hiddencaps, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. NTRI is approaching levels for a major squeeze. Anyone else seeing what I see?? Plus the stock has new athletes that will start a new ad campaign in January. 60 new meals rolling out in December. A price increase in 2007. It has only reported good news over the past two months. I see a squeeze coming that will take more than a few days to cover.

  2. No comments on this stock from the traders here. The percentage short compared to the float is dangerous. Add that to the fact the company has quite a few positives coming and they keep increasing guidance. The squeeze is coming.
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    thx. i will put it on my watch list.
  4. Anyone participating here. This stock has been going up over the past week.
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    once the squeeze comes what makes you think you will be able to borrow stock to short/
  6. I have been long and remain. It would take seven days for the shorts to cover and I believe they have already started their covering. There are many catalysts coming over the next couple of weeks. This company has not had many press releases recently but has had a ton of good news in it's conferences.