NTRI - misses by a penny and is down 18%?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SwingOutOn5, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Growth still looks good, and their outlook, they say, is stronger than ever. Their top line was larger than thompson surveys, but eps of only .16, while average estimate was .17 (the low was likewise .16).

    When the 10q comes out later this month, I assume it will say bottom line was affected by increased television commercial spending. Anyone else with thoughts?

    How does this warrant an 18% drop? I realized its PEG is 2.2 or something like that and trading at a very high multiple, but due to the strong growth, I don't think it's overvalued.
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    Hi swingout
    18% drop because it's that type of stock... that is only back to the price it was about 5 to 7 days ago. A short time to retrace if this level holds. It could get back to Dec 30 price of 33? There was a big % retrace in early Aug 05 and mid Oct 05 also. 18% is a lot if you just got in but small if owned for a year or more. I just happened to miss the last week up so I'll look to getting back in if it gets back to 33. Cut half and wait some if your in? agpilot
  3. yeah, i agree - the volatility is really high against a straight-line benchmark (say, 10% total return yearly), even though beta against the S&P 500 is quite low. Odd.

    I just bought some more because we're sitting about 1% above the 50 day, which is my stop now. I'm averaged in at about 42.996

    good luck