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  1. I was still a broker in 1999 but I can now imagine what being a trader back then felt like....crazy, crazy stock
  2. The NOV 65 puts have made my day!

  3. Nice trade..where did you buy em?
  4. Bought 'em @ 6 ....

    Stock looked like distribution for some time..was worth the shot,

    was also SS 600 shares from 66, covered Fri.

    Valuation is INSANE! Mkt Cap is almost 2 bill, on about 45mill in EPS...please.

  5. True...looks like it from 9/24...

    LOL.. mkt cap aint 2bill anymore
  6. True! :)

    After sitting thru 2 blowups in MRK and KG (10X P/E get's clipped for 20%; go figger) and ERTS gets a pass @ 44X and tepid guidance back at 99 (whatta joke) ; I am enjoying a great day.


  7. your on fire eh? Keep it up!
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    What broker allowed you to short ntes?
  9. Averaged a few at a time when was available at SLK..but had done so over a 10 day period.

    That was an avg price. Some above ; some below.