NT + Zenfire is the best? Hmm...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ArcticTrader, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I have been reading a lot about how great ZenFire is on these forums, and because of that I decided to try out the NT + Zenfire combo for free from Mirus futures.

    I have been using it for a few weeks, and it seems fine... however, I just downloaded the demo from Infinity Futures which I believe uses TransAct, and there is a clear and obvious advantage over NT + Zenfire. Sometimes ZF misses ticks that TransAct catches, and it's always lagging the TA feed, sometimes by as much as half a second.

    Not that there's anything wrong with ZF and I'm not trying to bash it or anything, but I can't honestly say based on this experiment that it is the best... has anyone else noticed this? Am I missing something?
  2. PeterM


    I've had just opposite results. Been running side-by-side comparisons for some time now on the Zen-Fire feed (using the Ninja platform) along with the TransAct feed on the AT platform and feeding the TransAct data to Sierra Charts, with my basis of comparison being time & sales data on the ES using the two different systems. I don't have stats, but by eyeballing the two systems, I can see that Zen-Fire runs slightly ahead of TransAct and is slightly more complete. (Don't get me wrong, both are excellent feeds.) I understand that issues with one's internet connection, firewall, anti-virus software, ISP, etc., can affect performance, which is perhaps why we're seeing different results.

    The big thing for me, however, is the platform. I loved the Infinity AT platform at first -- very intuitive and easy to learn. But now, compared with NinjaTrader (which has a steeper learning curve), the AT platform seems like a kiddie bike with training wheels. And there is sooooooo much you can do with Ninja, whereas with Transact/infinity, I don't know of much you can do other that manual, discretionary futures trades on the AT platform.
  3. DEMO zenfire is not as fast as the actual live trading feed......that IS what you are seeing.

    The actual ZenFire live feed for real trading is VERY FAST and VERY RELIABLE. :cool:
  4. That's a great review for a first post, PeterM.

    The qualities that you mentioned are exactly why I like the Infinity platform!

    A simple, easy to use, rock solid order entry and trade management platform for manual/discretionary traders. :)

    Good trading
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    Yes zen-fire I think is very reliable, I almost don't want others to know about it for fear that more people getting on the ZF bandwagon will make my execution edge less.
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    Are there any comparison reviews about these two, and possibly other platforms? Preferably with some pictures too.
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    I'll reiterate -- because to me it's a no brainer. I have experience with both systems -- and, as between Infinity AT/TransAct, on the one hand, and Ninja/Zen, on the other hand, the choice should depend on which execution platform you're most comfortable with. Both feeds are excellent. I WILL agree that the TransAct feed appears to me to be under-appreciated and underrated, with the opposite being true of Zen-Fire. The debate over the two feeds sure seems like hair splitting to me based on my experience with both of these feeds.

    Also, I want to thank MandelbrotSet for the insigtful response to my previous post. I love Ninja's advanced authomated trading features, but even after lots of time now on Ninja, I'm still very uncomfortable with using it for plain old manual, discretionary trades. I find myself going back to the AT platform for those trades, and therefore I may just hang onto both accounts for awhile, even though it dilutes my trading capital.
  8. Has anyone have any more comments about InfinityAT and the company Infinity Futures itself? I would like to hear from anyone who actually is using this platform on live account