NT is 27........................................cents

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  1. got damn.
  2. Far cry from the $900 stock it was in 2000.
  3. I believe they did atleast a 1-for-10 reverse split a few years ago. $90/share doesn't sound as impressive as $900/share. :cool:
  4. Wow, you're right. Good call on that. Still a bad stock to hold
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    funny thing is executives, CEO, board of directors all had million dollar salaries and shareholders particpated in a ponzi scheme or just plain bad investors.

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    it was the mostly widely held retail stock in Canada during 2000.

    not it's penny stock. Billions of investors bought into this 'tech' stock.

    it's just bad business model. bad management etc. management was more concernt about stock price and stock options than building the busines for the long term.

  7. So its a 2.7 cent stock then, not 27 cents, same diff
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    $88us pre split nonsense was NT s all time high on NYSE.
  9. Early and often
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