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  1. THe most beat down stock today. Down over 83%. Funny thing that they have net cash of almost 3 dollars per share and are trading at 1.40. Hmmm.
  2. This was part of the PR release today.

    "Mr. Bowers continued, “On December 31, 2007, we had more than $80 million of cash and investments, which we believe is sufficient to pursue other applications of our cortical stimulation therapy"

    Also being as bad a day as this was for stocks first thing this morning, this PR was in response to some more bad news for the company about not passing clinical trials. But....

    Market Cap is $35 million as of today. And as of 3 weeks ago they had more than $80 million dollars in cash and investments. So that being said they have about $3.09 per share in cash & the stock price as of close was $1.37

    Stock dropped 7 dollars today which was completely overblown. Should be an easy double bagger. I just got in it today and Im already up 6.5% in the AH.