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    Can someone help me find out what's going on with NRPH? Take a look at the price of Oct calls/puts. I've been searching, but can't find anything.


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    Found it. They're expecting a FDA rulling this week. The price of the options have increased 170%! Gotta love this IV.

    Now, I just need to figure out how to profit off of this (or maybe it's too late).

    Anyone take their ADHD drug in their testing? :)


  3. Found this on one of my news services...

    New River Pharma-NRPH October 25 straddle is Expensive into PDUFA
    Oct 4

    NRPH, is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing treatments for
    attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). The FDA PDUFA decision for the
    approval of NRP104 is expected before 10/6/06. NRPH recently traded at $25.24.
    NRPH October 25 straddle is priced at $10.10 according to Track Data. October
    front month Equity Options expire; Friday, 10/20/06. Expensive straddles
    indicates aggressive risk.