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  1. the al-qaeda of america.
  2. Happy hour is over, think I'll go post sumthin. you are funny:D
  3. No, just another fanatical group.
  4. There's nothing wrong with protecting my innocent family against criminals.

    *click, click*

  5. Im for gun control...but a point was raised: what if one or two of the other kids HAD a gun and could have defended and possibly stopped the gunman after a short while?

  6. If this happened in Florida he would have gotten off alot less rounds before a patriot stepped up and retaliated.

    I am all for the right to carry a concealed weapon as long as you are a legal full fledged citizen and have no criminal record.
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    Me too.
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    How the hell can you be for gun control and advocate armed school kids?
  9. Moonbat alert !!

    Some guy says what if and this dummy says he's advocating school kids arming themselves....

    BTW - I believe 21(?) yr olds can get a CCW permit - sounds like school age to me....
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