NRA is dumb

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  1. What "facts"? Obama's pandering website? LMFAO.

    Obama is a TYPICAL Democrat. Listen not to how I vote but to what I say.......
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  2. lol.

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  3. Good strategy, since we have facts on our side, you have campaign lies on yours.

    Answer this. Did Obama support the DC gun ban and say he thought it was "reasonable?" Did Obama support a law that would ban common hunting loads because they were "armor piercing?" Did he support the assault weapon ban?
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  4. lol that is a LAUGH considering how many times I've refuted your posts with pure facts. I'm done with it.
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  5. The ad must of been directed to dumb rednecks, because I, and the rest of average aducated citizens, understand that the president has no such power to ban anything!
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  6. Yea, but they sure can deconstruct the spirit of a law and come out the other end getting whatever it was they wanted in the first place.
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