NRA is dumb

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  1. I am a Strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and was a 6 year member of the of NRA.

    i recently sent them a letter informing them i wound not be renewing my membership due to that very ad
  2. Once an organization committed to the proper and safe use of firearms, the NRA has become an extension of the Republican party.
  3. I always like them until now.
  4. You give way too much credit to this factcheck organization, which is run by liberal journalists. The NRA ad is advocacy to be sure, but it is based on facts.

    Obama's new found support for the Second Amendment is clearly a conversion of convenience that will lapse the day after the election. He has been a consistent supprter of local gun bans, even argung that the draconian Washington, DC ban was "reasonable." His ploy is to say the Second amendment is an individual right, but that "reasonable" regulation is acceptable. His idea of reasonable is basically a total ban on gun ownership, ie the Dc law.

    The other things in the NRA ad are either taken from votes he cast as a state legislator, eg voting against legal protection for homeowners who used a firearm to defend themselves in their homes, or logical deductions, eg his opposition to "armor defeating bullets" would outlaw standard hunting ammo.

    Obama is in favor of attempts by gun ban organizations and trial lawyers to bankrupt gun manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits. he can be expected to sign on to internation conventions designed to limit gun rights. He has previously favored restrictions on guns based on cosmetic features, eg "assault weapons", and has favored restrictions that would ban most guns and shotguns used for hunting, eg limits on semi-automatic guns, magazine restrictions, bullet bans. (Most deer hunting loads will easily penetrate a standard "bulletproof" vest, which is why military armor uses ceramic plates.)

    I could go on. The bottom line is that obama, along with most liberal democrats, holds views on gun ownership that are far from the mainstream. Rather than attack the NRA based on a dubious organization's claims, perhaps you should look into his actual record and draw your own conclusions.
  5. Wrong. It is nonpartisan. They support many democrats. The sad fact is that most of the democrat party is in favor of draconian gun bans and restrictions that violate the Second Amendment. Don't blame the messenger. If republicans were doing this and democrats were defending our constitutional rights, the NRA would be supporting them.
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  8. The ad was inaccurate. Factcheck's interpretation of Obama's record regarding handgun ownership is also inaccurate.

    This link gives you background on what was a contentious issue in Illinois politics in 2004. Obama's record on guns should be pretty obvious. Chicago and many of it's suburbs PROHIBIT the ownership of handguns. Just like the D.C. law. The Chicago gun ban was ushered in by Mayor Daley. Daley's chief stratagist, David Axelrod is Obama's stratagist.

    Even more worrisome-for this is just another exhibit of Obama lying:

    Mr. Obama's position on guns is drawing renewed scrutiny following Wednesday night's Democratic debate, when the Illinois senator said he never favored a handgun ban, even though a 1996 questionnaire in his name indicated he did.

    The candidate questionnaire was filed with a nonprofit group, Independent Voters of Illinois–Independent Precinct Organization, during Mr. Obama's first run for the state Senate. It asked candidates if they "support state legislation to … ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns." Mr. Obama's typed response was "Yes." His campaign later said a staffer filled out the form and unintentionally misrepresented Mr. Obama's position.

    "I have never favored an all-out ban on handguns," Mr. Obama said when confronted with the questionnaire at the debate. He also denied that his handwriting was on the document, even though a copy of the form posted by suggests otherwise.

    This is a guy who said bitter people "cling to their guns." Yea, he's a regular Charlton Heston.
  9. You guys are something else. I could literally contradict nearly everything you say with facts, but whats the point? It takes up too much time and apparently does absolutely no good. You are going to believe want you want to believe, and theres nothing anyone can say or do or bring to your attention that will change that. You can take this as a cop-put if you wish, I bet you will...but its simply pointless as facts are of obviously no use to you.:(
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