NRA calls for armed police officer in every school

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OnClose, Dec 21, 2012.

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    For real.
    I wonder why all of a sudden they come up with this?
    Too funny.
  3. They should have kept quiet.He made a fool out of himself and The NRA today
  4. It is much easier and cheaper to simply not sell guns to certain people than hire thousands of cops.

    NRA was so full of shit in that press release it was not even funny. They even tried to blame Hollywood and video games.

    Newsflash: Hollywood shows people only want they want. You can watch comedy, or you can watch thrillers, dramas, or horror films. Same with video games or TV. You can watch sports center on ESPN if you want to or honey boo boo(if you are retarded) This argument is so fake and detracts from the real culprit - guns. What is Adam Lanza without guns? Nothing.
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    That guy just seemed so delusional with his ramblings. He blamed these mass killings on everything but guns...hell I think I even heard him blame my mom but I can't be sure about that one.
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    The NRA will use any methods they can think of to keep themselves in business.
    They must surely be having a hard time sleeping at night.
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    Ok, what if there are two armed psychos like Columbine. One psycho kills the armed guard and the other kills all the kids, would the NRA's response to that be put two police officers at every school? Not realistic solution in my eyes.
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    Going up against Obamas speeches and the shootings last week was a no win situation and he only made it 100 x's worse

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    An armed cop or security guard with a handgun is no match for ONE shooter with an AR 15 and the element of surprise
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