NR7 Inside Bar system

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by traderix, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. traderix


    I try to develop a strategy for stocks using NR7. But I suppose this pattern is not enough and I ´ll need some filter or pattern.

    Who is trading NR7 pattern and could give me some more inforn´mation how to trade it?
  2. gaj


    google for the book, pdfs are out there.

    i believe the author chose NOT to reprint it; it's been out of print for a long time.
  3. omniscient

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    you can also find several articles over at TASC.

  4. hughb


    I did my own study on NR7 back in the late 90's. I found that an NR7 was likely followed by an NR8. And then I found that NR7s, NR8s and NR9s aren't really very rare. I don't have my notes handy with me right now, but if I remember correctly, a breakout above an NR10 often was a good buy, but a break below was not a good sell because you would be whipped out. Also, many NR10s occur on the last day before a holiday, and they were unreliable as well.
  5. henry76


    yes nr7's are quite common , i've found they turn up every 7 bars or so on average , the clue is in the name !!!
  6. don't they have to be narrowest of 7 and inside the preceding bar? Toby Crabel focused on NR4's and 7's but I think they were treated differently...

    I got Crabel's book on an inter-library loan btw..
  7. Try scanning for consecutive inside bars or consecutive range narrowing. Much more rare and a real indication of low volatility situations.
  8. henry76


    i have Crabel's book and even phoned him shortly after i bought it , nr7 means narrowest range for 7 bars , there is also , id , which means an inside day (lowerhigh and higher low than previouse day), but if using intraday one might call it ib , inside bar , he also talks about idnr4 which is both narrowest range for 4 days and an inside day , which produced slightly better results than each individually , but not by much.