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  1. NQ

    I am looking at day-trading NQ purely off technical setups intraday

    I am a former options trader (5 years)

    What systems do you run, what is your typical stop etc

    Any help is must welcome


  2. Have you never heard the theory that a revealed edge quickly vanishes?
  3. I run the system called study the market, come up with the most efficient means of making money and make money.

    Basically if you have never been really good at anything your entire life than i would suggest going to college and becoming brain numb.

    Although if you want to be thrown into a desolate world of torture and sabatoge than I am sure there are plenty of books, dvd's and seminars out there.

    Have a good one.
  4. Just a chart of price and volume, then go
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  5. mxjones


    You might try reading Trader-X's blog - he trades the NQ on 5-minute charts. Click "futures" under labels on the right and it will pull up all his NQ posts.


    I should get paid a referral fee.

  6. i am a beginner myself. You can see the mistakes i made on my next chart
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