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    I know lot of people trade ES.

    What are the reasons that people prefer ES over others
    other than liquidity.

    Thanks for any reply.
  2. volume
  3. ES may have more volume, but I think NQ has a nicer tone.
  4. Agreed. I sense in NQ rhythms and intonations in multiple time frames which draw my brain and my body into sympathetic harmonies. I would rather trade NQ than have sex. I have quantified these mental perceptions into physical colors and sounds and harmonic levels of such ineffability and surpassing beauty that sometimes I forget to trade. NQ is musical. ES I view as crass. An unfit object for my aesthetically refined attention.
  5. Dude, you really gotta get a life. You'd rather trade NQ than have sex? How about trade NQ <i>while</i> you're having sex? Now that would be a trip. If you trade NQ well enough finding the sex would be the easy part :D

  6. I have to pay for sex. But NQ loves my attention so much that it pays ME.
  7. But, in all seriousness, people trade different contracts for different reasons. I tried trading the ER2 and....well....the sucker still owes me a few grand :mad:

    The ES, on the other hand....I can read that contract like a book. The behavior to me is just flat out readable. The NQ comes pretty close to the ES but the moves tend to last longer and I'm a fader so I need to have a good idea when the moves will end. To each his own.......
  8. Nothing wrong with that...trade on bro! :p

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    Are google and apple have the high weighatge than MSFT, CSCO in NQ . Thanks