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  1. hi,

    How many points of move on NQ equal to the 10c move on QQQQ.

  2. 1) Homework time!
    2) The ratio of the QQQQ to the NDX is 1 to 40. The NQ has a multiplier of 20. Therefore, you need 800 shares of QQQQ to "hedge" one contract of NQ (ignoring dividends and carrying costs).
    3) A 10-cent per share move in the QQQQ produces an $80 fluctuation.
    4 To produce an $80 fluctuation in the NQ, that would be, $80 divide by $20 per "handle", a 4 handle move, i.e. from 1840.00 to 1844.00. You say "points", I say "handles". :cool: