NQ vs full size ndx

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  1. What are the benefits of trading the eminis NQ futures versus trading the equivalent full sized ndx futures?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. NQ trades on Globex.
    ND trades open outcry.

    Many order entry platforms do not support open outcry markets.
  3. You can get absolutely slaughtered on open outcry fills.

    If you are doing size, and not day trading, the full contract saves on commission. The fills in a quick market can be so poor that many hedge funds even use the minis instead, and they are doing 100's at a time.

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    I agree so strongly with this that I would venture to say it would not be a stretch to believe it would be cheaper to lease a seat than to take the fills on open outcry ordrs if you trade on a daily basis.

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    Yes, I can confirm that fills are better in the e-mini. So much better, in fact, that it makes up for 5x the commissions.
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    ok, so knowing the problem with slippage, why not use limit orders?

  7. ahhhmmm... because of course your limit order will not be filled
    until you are significantily bidding out / offering below the
    best bid / ask in the E-Mini. Then you get your fill,
    when you don't want it any longer.
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    Open outcry should really be renamed "Open collusion", because that is what is going on.

    When you can see in the pit what others are bidding - then you can punish them if they make too tight of a market by simply refusing to trade with them. No order flow = no income.

    Open outcry is a fatally flawed process when it comes to operating a modern efficient market.
  9. Thanks for all the responses.

    E-minis it is then. No wonder they have taken off in popularity.