NQ U3 for eSignal, but what about NexTrend?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by deadreader, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. What's the Nasdaq 100 e-Mini symbol for NexTrend? Anyone here even use NexTrend?
  2. I do, nextrend is great. NQU3'CM
  3. me too, nextrend is an awesome service at the right price.
  4. But no data is plotting on the chart....I wonder if this is because of the holiday weekend (I just signed up two hours ago, maybe it takes 24 hours)....

  5. the September contract is NQP3'CM (and not NQU3'CM).
  6. I now see the data.....I appreciate it...

    Was wondering, how do you get a 24 hours chart on NexTrend, without using a tick chart?
  7. I don't understand - do you want to see 24 hours of 1 minute data, or a daily chart?
  8. On my one-minute chart....

    I only watch the last 20 or so minutes on the chart, but I would like pre-market and afterhours data

    (for example, I like to watch the emini nasdaq all night long) ......
  9. Spend some time going through the online help to familiarize yourself with the software. The following should help answer your question :

    [b]Action[/b]	                                      [b]Keyboard shortcut[/b]
    Expand (horizontally)	                      Insert
    Contract (horizontally)	                      Delete
    Fast Scroll Left	                      Ctrl + Left Arrow
    Fast Scroll Right	                      Ctrl + Right Arrow
    Scroll Left	                              Shift + Left Arrow
    Scroll Right	                              Shift + Right Arrow
    Go to End (places cursor on the current bar)  End
    Expand (vertically)	                      Up Arrow
    Contract (vertically)	                      Down Arrow
    Fast Scroll Up (price scale)	              Page Up
    Fast Scroll Down (price scale)	              Page Down