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  1. I see this pattern or whatever you want to call it happen over & over in the NQ (I'm sure it happens in other instruments also).

    The easy, obvious short comes along for example & then price reverses, traders are stopped out, and THEN...........it falls.

    My question is why does that happen? Is it natural because everyone jumps in the trade & there is no more selling pressure, or does some group or someone push price up to where the stops are? Is it natural or manipulation (for lack of a better word)?

    If it's not natural then who is pushing the price up? Who are the dummies losing all their money by entering too early?

  2. must feel it. must become that which you seek to manage. don't dream it, be it.


  3. One of the best posts on ET, very funny.
  4. but i'm dead serious
  5. Eddiefl


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  6. actually it is shiny once your inside

  7. How do you know? those are stops.
  8. Lose the volume bars. Study support and resistance. Then all will be revealed. In trading it pays not to try to be too cute.
  9. Good point. There may be no stops there at all.

    But I do observe that behavior just about every single day.

    I'm just trying to understand better who the participants are in the market & what makes certain things happen.

    I used to get stopped out on those moves all the time, so I'm very aware of it when I see it now.

    Why does it happen?
  10. I love the volume bars. I also have a chart with time-based bars on it that I watch. I already use support & resistance.
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