NQ Trading.... DONE for the DAY!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by John9999, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Wow! If thats true? The ultimate troll whining about trolls. His therapist will make a fortune!
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  2. John9999


    UHH no ,, my post was not meant to brag in any way... if you read it... I lost a 80 point winning day and ended up with a large loss yesterday, because I did not stop trading after about 90 minutes. Today... I made my profit and turned the whole thing off.... net net, I am down over the 2 days... no bragging hear.

    and $300,000 in a day... no way is that trader on this website
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    I did not mean to imply you were bragging. I get the accountability factor. Just saying this place takes a little getting used to. Thats all.
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    I was saying your detractor was bragging in another thread.

    On a day like yesterday, I believe it. There are some whales on this site. Just don't know if he is one.
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  5. Overnight


    I think that is the key take-away here that YOU should never forget. Speedo and the others are offering you advice in different ways about different aspects of trading, but your feeling is no less important. Do not let that short-term confidence let you settle into a field of complacency, and I hope the feeling, while remembered, is not taken for granted. I fell into the same trap and it bit me hard yesterday, and that was after a very hard 2+ year trek to recover from the previous mistake. I'll digress about it later, still need to digest it all.

    But YOU need to realize that you are going to have many many days like that, where you lose a bunch on a day and make it back the next day, or win a bunch of money on one day, lose it later same day, then either lose more next day, or make it back next day.

    NEVER get complacent and always follow your plan!. Do not take your feelings, both positive and negative, for granted! You live longer!
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    oh,.,,, OOPS sorry dude
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  7. That scenario is not that far-fetched,
    Specially a trading day like yesterday, when unexpected things and volatility were extremely chaotic.

    If a trader put on a $100K position...it would have ended up to finish more than 300K, (and that's a very modest estimate) :wtf:
    Options are a completely different, Dynamic animal than futures or stock or anything else.
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    now there's some great advice... thankx
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