NQ Trading.... DONE for the DAY!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by John9999, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. speedo


    No doubt discretion is vital. One hopes that one who has enough sense to trade has enough sense to separate the wheat from the chaff.
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  2. ElCubano


    Pride, arrogance and ego are toxic in the long run. Bet it up.
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  3. niko79542


    Dang Xela got me all interested in what you were telling him.
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  4. LOL! :thumbsup:
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  5. NeoTrader


    People who are truly independent are usually (rightfully) regarded as arrogant and selfish... It's only natural, since they don't give a shit about other people's opinion...
    That should not be confused with pure stupidity(to keep blindly doing the same mistakes again and again).
    There's a great song by one of Brazil's greatest song writers. His name was Raul Seixas:
    "Eu sou Egoísta"(I'm selfish)

    If you think you have little luck
    If you worry about illness or death
    If you are afraid of hell
    The eternal fire of God, of evil
    I am star in the abyss of space
    What I want is what I think and what I do
    Where I am there is no bogeyman
    I always go forward into the infinite nothing
    Flashing my rock, my cry
    My sword is the guitar in hand

    If what you want in your life is only peace
    Many sweet things, your name in theaters
    And if sugar takes too long to come you become upset
    And you cry, you pray, you ask, beg ...
    While I always taste the vinegar and wine
    What I want to have is temptation along the way
    For man is made through exercise
    I know ... I know the purest taste of honey
    It's just defective gall
    And that war is a product of the peace

    What I eat as a full plate
    It may be your poison
    But how will you know ... without tasting?

    If you think what I say fascist
    Mixed, or simplistic anti-socialist
    I admit, you're on track
    I am ista, I'm ego
    I am ista, I'm ego
    I am selfish, I am,
    I am selfish, I am,
    Why not ...
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  6. speedo


    Usual stuff Niko, told him if a system works, take your signals. To decide to stop trading because you don't want to give back profits later is just dumb. If you want to take the afternoon off, fine trading gives the independence to do that but to assume that you are likely to give back by taking more trades is either bad trading or bad attitude...neither of which will result in success in the long run.
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  7. speedo


    Of course, when a consolidation day on the ES is over a hundred points, things are not "normal".
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  8. speedo


    OK Neo but I prefer Jobim :cool:
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  9. NeoTrader


    Jobim was technically far superior... He was a maestro, as I'm sure you're aware of... But his lyrics were almost always too "mellow"... There is no comparison between Seixas' lyrics and Jobim's... Seixas is far deeper and frankly, much more important in a country like Brazil with it's problems..;)
    But taste is something that should not be questioned.:)
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  10. speedo


    Yes, Jobim was not about message but creating powerful mood within exquisite jazz idiom.....different stuff.
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