NQ Trading.... DONE for the DAY!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by John9999, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. John9999


    traded for just 30 minutes,,, I have a great profit for the day (up 73 points NQ trades) and I am done. I am putting this hear mostly for accountability... yesterday I had a 80 point profit and pissed it all away and ended up with a loss for the day!! Not happening today...

    hope all are profiting from the increased volatility
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  2. On behalf of the entire ET community I would like to thank you for sharing your incredible after-the-fact trading prowess.
    You're the man Captain Hindsight!
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  3. Welcome to my ignore list. You have lots of company
  4. SteveM


    Congrats, OP. I too have a problem with giving back profits thanks to afternoon trades. I'd probably have more money in my trading account if I shut the computer down everyday at noon.
  5. John9999


    to the hatters... go tell Dr Phil ...I do not care what you think

    @SteveM.... thankx for the input... I totally agree, god knows how much I have lost by not shutting it down
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  6. Ok this Soes guy is past ridiculous now. He has a thread to discuss how much of a problem he is and the admins just softly softly with him. He ruined a discussion thread last night with gibberish.

    Anyway, good decision to keep the money today. :)
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  7. volpri


    Battle fatigue
  8. speedo


    The ignore function is your friend.
  9. John9999


    WOW.... I found the post police on this forum... thankyou for doing a great job. Now why don't you add something of value..
  10. What value did this thread add? Needed a little ego boost?
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