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  1. I've been entertaining the notion of starting a new journal, and I'm curious to see what effect posting my trades in real-time will have. That is the main purpose for the journal, and right now this is just an experiment.

    Please do not use the information in this journal for trading decisions. I will discontinue the journal if I feel this is becoming a problem. Besides, the trades in this journal will primarily be scalps of a point or two, so there isn't much point in trying to follow along due to time sensitivity.

    I may also try to include short comments from time to time. The reason that I'm using a journal instead of a chat is twofold. I would like to be able to look back at previous days for analysis purposes. Also, I want the communication to be one-way; I don't want to be influenced by what others have to say during the trading day.

    I'm anticipating that this journal will have an initial negative impact on my trading abilities, but hopefully it will be negligible after a few days. Barring catastrophic failure or an unforseen infeasibility, I would like to maintain this journal for several weeks. Thank you.
  2. Pabst


    Great news. Your journal was the first and only in the history of ET that was worth shit. Now just relax and let it flow....
  3. I agree with Pabst.....I really enjoyed reading your first journal.
    With your kind of honesty and commitment your journal was one of the best.

    Best regards.
  4. Momento


    good luck with your journal :)

    how many RTs do you do a day?!
    I mean, if i were to start a journal on ET, about every single trade that i put on intraday on the NQs? You would be reading page 424 by the time my first market day closes!!! lol :D
  5. Did you mean it as an endorsement ?
  6. BOT 1520.5 OPEN 10:27:49
  7. SLD 1522 CLOSE 10:36:14

    Real-time posting is little more nerve wrecking than I had thought. I think I'll get used to it though. Waiting until after Philadelphia Fed to resume trading.
  8. SLD 1541 OPEN 11:22:28
  9. BOT 1539 CLOSE 11:23:09

    I'm struggling with my achilles heel after missing such a huge play on Trade 1. Right now I'm trying hard not to do anything I'll regret later.
  10. Realistically I was only going to hold this trade until 10:45 (1526) anyway. I'm trying to develop a spirit of gratefulness, but it is exceedingly difficult.
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