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  1. Trendguy


    I've seen many posts here and on other forums about Free Chat Room, but I've never found any. Do any NQ Traders know of any free chat rooms ?? Does anyone want to start one ??.... or we can do an email (reply to all) chat a few times a day.
    Calling all full time NQ Traders. midtermalgo a GM. Let's plan something.
  2. algofy


    I only trade the pork bellies, can I join?
  3. Trendguy


  4. Trendguy


    I'm trying to get some sort of chat going for serious full time NQ Traders
  5. algofy


    I'm a serious full time belies trader.
  6. Overnight


    Then Do it! Sheesh, it is not difficult!
  7. algofy


    Yep agree it doesn't need 2 threads and tons of mental masterbation.
  8. Trendguy


    You should start your own group or chat for Belly Traders... then you guys will have things in common to chat about.
  9. algofy


    Good idea...any other pork belly traders want to hook up on chat?
  10. wrbtrader


    I highly recommend you just go ahead and start your free "NQ Traders" chat room. Then after its open...come back and try again...invite traders.

    My point is this. Its a lot easier to invite traders to join because they'll be more interested join when the room is already setup and open. Free chat rooms are so easy to setup...just go ahead and set it up and then invite others.

    You only need a few members that are active to make it all worthwhile.

    Get one of those free chat rooms located online where there are other trader chat rooms. It'll make it easier to pick up NQ traders from other chat rooms. For example, maybe there's a Crude CL trader chat room and someone decides to trade something else like Emini NQ futures. They can easily find your chat room because its at the same host that manages many free chat rooms.

    Just keep in mind that traders come and go. Thus, the room will most likely take several months or longer to grow in these type of market conditions that many have problems trading.

    Tip: Start a trade journal here at ET and post an summary analysis of end of day trading results of your NQ trades. Post your daily end of day summary for a few months here at the forum along with a link to your free NQ chat room.

    Make sure your journal here is informative and you can do such without revealing anything about your trade method if that's something you want to keep secretive. :sneaky:
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