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  1. Atlantic


    any ideas about the spike in the nq after 4 pm?
  2. +DJ Oracle Reports Q4 EPS Of $0.14 Excluding Investment Impairment Chg

    (MORE) DOW JONES NEWS 06-18-02
    04:03 PM- - 04 03 PM EDT 06-18-02

    that's my guess anyway...
  3. 3dog


    Also resting buy stops over the day's high at 1169.

    Thin after hours market + news + resting buy stops + "BUY AT THE MARKET!" = price spike
  4. JPB


    I see 2 contracts traded at 1215 and 40 or 50 at 1210. On the squawk box they were arguing over the closing prices and I heard someone say they had a high in the mini's of 1192. What did your data show for a high? Do they ever break e-mini trades?

    That 50 point spike at 4:09 is the most I've seen since I started trading the NQ (a few months). Sure makes you realize a stop isn't necessarily your risk exposure.

  5. its kind of twisted since oracle is talking things up while apple, amd, and intc are all talking negative and down after hours.
  6. nljones5


    E-mini trading is really a game of chance. Globex not available at times (luckily no serious damage but I couldn't exit when I wanted to), and then that huge spike just after I sold my last short. Casinos are starting to look conservative compared to e-mini trading.
  7. news squashed the pop, even orcl is a pt. off its high, wild ride in vrts........
  8. spieler


    news; news, news... that's it
    ORCL good
    AMD bad
    CIEN bad AAPL bad
  9. gerry-
    don't take offense to this....but was a big move in the nq after market really a surprise to you? If it was , i don't understand how you can trade without knowing when the top tech stocks are reporting earnings.
    it's a good idea to be aware of all upcoming earnings reports as well as economic # release dates and times.
  10. what's wierd about that spike is it occured prior to the orcl news crossing the dow jones wire..and that was a big spike.
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