nq short.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lundy, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. lundy


    nq looks like a good short here, stop at 1056... hold till we take out yesterdays lows.
    1050 area entry.

    just my opinion.
  2. word. thanks lundy...i was just going to post a higher or lower thread...

    and i was mostly kidding about you not being a great trader in that other thread. :D

  3. sht SPY @ 88.71 @ will cover if breaks the figure
  4. lundy


    if we take out high, its a reverse and sell on close. (edit: or 1075 on NDX)

    w a 10 point stop


    have to be flexible
  5. Keep that strategy up and you'll be whipsawed to death.

    Is a short or not? If so, then get short. If you're stopped out ... then, oh well ...
  6. 11:16 -- president einstein, the armchair economist, is speaking...get ready to sell -- this will most likely be the high...

    what an idiot...he acts like america is the only place where someone can own a business...he acts like america is the only place where there's any freedom and it's only because of HIM that we have these freedoms...and then makes a totally racist comment about how interesting and great it is that hispanic businesses are growing so much lately...
  7. lundy


    have you ever heard of shorting at resistance, and buying when it's a breakout?
  8. taodr


    Bung, don't forget Bush is probably reading what his advisers have pushed in front of him. He doesn't move without advise or say anything for that matter. For instance Carl Rowe and Wofewitz tell him local and international policies. Definitely I think his financial advisers are way off base.
  9. I have, but I prefer a more complex approach where i generate fractal derivatives of price movement over time, and plot it's RSI against the RSI of the slope of dynamically-adjusted volume-weighted MA's...this gives me a complex mechanical oscillator which, when subtracted from the same measurement of the Gann derivative of the price, and then squared, gives me buy and sell signals...:D
  10. taodr


    Also he is at "PRODUCE POINT" The economy has to get better for him to be re-elected. Also it ain't gonna be pretty if no wmd are found.
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