NQ Scalping

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by IanMacQuaide, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. I use a 14,1,3 Slow Stoch, a 1.5point Range Chart, and I like bounces off the even numbers ie; 2300, 2305, etc. I shoot for 2points, but find myself getting out for 1pt WAY too much of the time.
    Anyone else scalp the NQ?
  2. One thing that helped me I watch the ES and see how the it acted around s/r and pivot lines and use those to help time my entries. Never tried to scalp for a point or two though, or I should say I never got good at it.
  3. I used to. I also used to be stupid. It is better to try to catch the whole day. If there is a whole day.
  4. Yes 1.5 Quote trackers Range bar charts more accurate, and yes 1 point if you get in on time and all limit orders market you get killed.
  5. This really helped. Thanks!
  6. how many NQ points you getting per day?
  7. Considering commission and considering slippage (get stopped at market) there is really no money in scalping the NQ or the ES as you are trading noise.

    You are better off redefining your trading to try to catch swings and not points.

    Take advantage of the around the clock nature of futures and don't waste your time or your money going for ticks and points.

    Try to eliminate the indicators, replace them with lines, highs, lows, also add volume exhaustion to your trading