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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by larrybf, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. i have always used the QQQ for trading in my IRA account.. now that IB offers futures trading with IRA accounts i have the chance to make my IRA trading leveraged... i have no experience holding futures positions long term. fellow traders .... what is reasonable leverage????..... 1.5 to 1........2 to 1....... 2.5 to 1...... 3 to 1...... 4 to 1????? fishing for opinions.... my opinion is that 2.5 to 1 will make my modestly successful position trading much better. thanks in advance....
  2. T-REX


    It would all depend on how much risk capital you have?
    You would have to have enough for Full Futures Margin though.
    Also determine how much you want to use for drawdown. On position trades your drawdown can be ALARMING if you are undercapitalized you WON'T be able to hold onto the Futures position. Also you can NOW use QQQ Futures as well as a hedge.
    Just a thought.
  3. ...I have been considering doing the same thing. I concluded that if I did I would treat each NQ as if I were trading the equivalent 800 QQQ's and trade only 1 NQ per $25Kin the account. Ultra conservative, just taking advantage of the better commish, fills, and slippage.
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    There are times when you want to trade small and times where you can "go for the jugular." I don' know why successful trading should differ from a regular account to an IRA. Same entries, exits, leverage, stops, etc.
  5. ...it's just a style thing, lower risk in the retirement accounts, go for it with the play money account.