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Discussion in 'Trading' started by cburgat, Jan 25, 2002.

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    Hello all on this board...

    I'm new here, and have been watching the markets for a month or more. I'm 18 years old really after trying to learn all about this futures stuff, mainly the ES and NQ, because they seem to be trader's markets.

    The point of this thread is to see if there are any people out there willing to share strategies, Indicators, .ela or .els files, or ANYTHING? Just to get some conversation out there. Thanks!


  2. Brandonf

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    Start off with one. Become profitable with it before you move your size up. If your not doing well with one you will do twice as bad with two. Trade your own simple system and trust it. When you start to trade in sizes bigger than one scale in. Always look at the bigger timeframe. Good luck.

  3. cburgat


    Thanks a lot Brandon. I appreciate it. Now, I just need my own simple system :)

  4. Nebeno


    Sounds a bit like me not to long ago (19 now, and about 10 months of studying stocks and futures). I am assuming you would want to daytrade them? Or short term anyway? So here's just the basics of what to do (if you haven't already). First go to www.nextrend.com and download their software so you can get free real time quotes for the e-minis (unless you already have something for quotes). Then go to www.pfgca.com/besttest.htm and download their simulator, it's 30 days free, I think $29.95 after that (*cough* unless your parents or someone happens to later get signed up for extra months *cough*). This is much closer to actual trading than just paper trading I believe. As for a strategy, unfortunately it's just the same as for everyone else, figure one out, not every style works for everyone, so find out what works for you. But, as I've recently found out, you must write something down! Then follow those rules, and expand on them as you learn more, otherwise you just jump around at this and that, what ever looks like a decent move, and never learn what does what. Start with something like trend following (if there's higher low or lower high, get in, get out if it breaks the trendline), trade from patterns (head & shoulders, flags, etc.), trade just with R/S lines (open, close, highs/lows of previous day, whatever looks important keep an eye one see what it does). Just keep to something simple, then you can add things like RSI, MACD, using TICK & TRIN, Fibs, waves, millions of other things, and see what happens to them when you get a signal from your basic rules, see if they reinforce them, or if they contradict them, something that will give you not a definite signal (there's no holy grail), but just if it will add probability of being a profitable trade. As far as learning, www.cme.com has alot of info on futures. Go to www.tradingmarkets.com and get the 3 day trial and download everything under futures and stocks. Go to www.hardrightedge.com and read the tactics. Go to www.daytradingstocks.com and check out the sites under 'education', 'options/futures', 'technical analysis', and everything else.

    Hope something in there helps, you really didn't say how much you've studied, or what you've done so far, so some of this may be basic, just thought it might help someone out there. Also, as I said, I am still learning myself, and in fact am still using the simulator, so I could be way off base here (if someone could verify this advice?).

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    DEFINITLY one of the best advice ive seen here lately! Keep up Nebeno :)

  6. It sounds like you are well on your way to being a very successful trader.