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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by RedDuke, Feb 27, 2008.

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    I took a look at NQ today and was very surprised by this contract. The depth is very liquid, around 100 contracts for the most part on each level. The volume is great and it is volatile, looks like it can easily handle 10-20 contracts per trade with almost no slipage.

    Most of index discussions circle around ES, YM, ER and DAX.

    It looks to me like a great contract to trade. Am I missing something?

  2. It is my daily bred and it is my main future. In some days it moves somewhat different than rest from "big four" emini indexes and in some situation it opens interesting possibilities - I have sometimes somethnig that can be called pair trade on NQ and ES
    or even more often on NQ and Eurostoxx50

    It has smallest bang for buck but in fact the stops runs are not as bad as on ES, YM, or ER2.

    It is enough liquid even in aftermarket hours and spread is far better than by ER2 .
  3. how many contracts of the NQ do you trade per trade 'all in and all out'?
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    Any other NQ traders here? If you have valid reasons why this instrument is not good, please post here.

  5. I trade it nearly daily, its the best index for me, my style. I'll leave the ES and the ER2 to others to try and tame.
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    Hi Pholeuon and Nick,

    What is the average size of your trades on nq?

  7. I trade NQ almost exclusively, it's got everything you need.

    It's liquid (2nd to ES)

    It's explosive

    It's volatile

    It's trendy

    And most of all, it's compatible with TA.

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    Hi Anek,

    This is exactly what I observed recently. That is why I was so suprised that not too many people talk about trading nq.

  9. I don't really like the NQ, but to be fair I don't really like the ES anymore either, doesn't seem to fit my style. CL has been very profitable for me, 6E and 6B have been good also
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    I trade the NQ some, primarily RTH though. The bid/ask spread can at times be a bit wide in late evening.
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