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  2. wtf is up with Nasdaq ? Stock is halted since 2 pm yesterday. This is a complete joke! Are they waiting for the Chinese to come out and say something ? (looks like shareholders will need Confucius patience) Sorry that's terrible. I watched the halts yesterday and when it bottomed at 8.45 and went to 11 I thought maybe going long was a good idea. Then I thought to myself no don't play with this sh*t. I can't imagine which state I would be in now if I were long !!!:eek: Why did Nasdaq halt indefinitely. What are the rules on Nasdaq for halts ? The final halt came unexpected to me as I thought the volatility halts meant no total halt.
  3. chinese are typical of good at pozi scheme.

    luckily I bought lots of puts on NQ and made a killing. feel like the only person who tells the truth, "ooo, you are naked"

    got out most of my puts, still have some locked in HLT.

    SEC should stop doing that, let it trade. is there anyone filing lawsuit against SEC for the losss because of the halt?

    this teachs a lesson for those TA traders

    those love stop loss, or those just think TA can make money

    wall street is full of shit, scandals, liars, ... the most ugly
  4. thanks, dumped my remianing puts!

    wall street is full of shit,liars, I know it is better. I did not realize it can be cut more than half. bought 3000shares at 10.3~10.8

    just wall street's manipulation, will biunce to13~15
  5. Does Muddy Watters cost money to subscribe?
  6. same as what activists do (think bill). they need to be very careful with citations and facts to avoid being sued.
  7. NQ's move wave proves wall street is full of manipulations.

    glad I hold through this manipulation, and even averaging down with another 3k shares at 8.5. almost shaken out! thos bastards need be put into jail! why SEC didnot investigate, and forfeit their profit?

    sold 5k shares of my holdings at 12.8+.

    made good money on this

    only fools listen to those wall street's manipulations.

    two weeks ago I bought NBG 5.5 Nov. call at 0.2, shoot to 0.95, wall street wrote article agian, said "why owning greece bank is an aweful decision". NBG definitelywill shoot toward 10+

    another manipulation!

    stop loss is another way they steal money from your account!
    always use clod minded judgement to get out and get in!

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    A bit off topic, but given you've raised the non-issue, I'll ask similar questions I put forward in the Muddy Waters thread:

    Putting forward a thesis as to why a company is a fraud, with reference to overstated assets and overstated revenues, does not constitute manipulation.

    With regards to Muddy Waters, what exactly is there for the SEC to investigate?

    With regards to the NBG article on Seeking Alpha, how is pointing out NBG's overvaluation versus other banks in the sector "manipulation" ?

    Is it manipulation to write a bullish Seeking Alpha article about NQ, as many have done in recent days?
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    Only amateurs are going to call something based upon another's stated "belief". Could just be muddy waters trying to get some PR for itself at NQ's expense.

    NQ is still trading at high volume and it's good if you like options strategies. Keep an eye on the pending lawsuit but no need to jump ship just yet - opportunities to earn are still there.
  10. to a trader, never need know what is manipulated or not.
    but you do need to know how the game is played.

    did you remeber HLF? I made good money on HLF's big drop(I buy)

    dog bite dog, wolf bite wolf

    Muddy Waters is a joke, he just had good capital to let this happen and profit it. His manipulation is pretty successful, of course NQ is highly hyped, a BUBBLE. in this view, I kind of envoy this guy for shorting NQ, as a matter offact, I bought PUTs (but do not know when this will happen) when NQ is around 23~25. this guy breaks the bubble, that is good thing, otherwise more TOP buyer suckers will be sucked into this NQ hype.

    Seek Alpha is a joke too, all try to benefit themselves.

    manipulation is: try to use media/no envidence backed/hard fact backed things to influence people's decision.

    human mind is easily influenced by outside imput, and illusioned by its view, inner thoughts, daydreams,...

    I do not bleive Seek Alpha's statement.

    Greek's recession already 6 years, euro zone is out of the recession, NBG'sbanking business is not just in greece, and NBG survived the crisis,things seem to get better, if you look at it in the past month/pastyear, ofcourse you think it is overvalued, but when you look a little bit far, when those bad stuff is elminated, in a term of a good bank, NBG is way undervalued

    Seek Alpha is just historian, so it is a joke.

    I am buying 5.5~7 calls, good return if you are willing to gamble.

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