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  1. A journal totally dedicated to CME Globex emini Nasdaq (NQ) trading...started Wednesday October 17, 2007

    1 point = $20
    1 tick= $5

    futures index value= 20 X index value

    Leverage approach: $300 or $500 daytrade margin...more information to come...
  2. First NQ trade: September 2006

    3 minute and 3 point profit for $600...9:00AM to 9:03AM
  3. threw 10 "Cars" (contracts) at the above that led to that profit...
  4. it was, "All in" and "all out"...no scaling in or out...
  5. www.powershares.com lists all the components of the QQQQ Nasdaq 100 index of which the NQ tracks etc.
  6. IMPORTANT: Disclaimer (read)...

    The content on this journal is provided as general information only and should not be taken as investment or trading advice. Any action that you take as a result of information, analysis, or conclusion on this site is ultimately your responsibility. Always consult your financial adviser(s) before making any investment or trading decisions.
  7. VXN = Cboe Nasdaq Volatility Index
    10-11-07 ATR= 24
    10-11-07 Vol%=11.44
  8. NQ and QQQQ are leading today after massive friday USA selloff and Asian selloff
  9. been hitting various s/r all day..true to them...anybody seeing the same for the NQ?
  10. What's your margin - and commission?
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