NQ is vertical!!!!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nitro, Mar 22, 2004.

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    nitro :confused:
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    Newton's third law......
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    Because it's correcting . . . :)
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    How much is it up?
  5. Some say that the "heavies" (money managers) will try to make the quarter green ... It doesn't need to be so much of a movement at these levels, if they persist to the end of the month. Or it could be some other jokers.
    I hope they get creamed, though. :D
  6. Vertical like in when I'm stimulated?

    It depends on the stimulation.


    1. Viagra

    2. When you wake up

    3. Movies

    4. ET Chat ( Yes, ET chat is a very stimulating place )
  7. Bloomberg TV says asian stocks are following US futures with bounce after lunch over there. The volume is so puny (as always) during asian hours on the ES and NQ, that any sheep following US futures tonight is a sheep indeed.
    Cream them, I say, tar and feathers too !
  8. Taiwan bounced nicely intra-day after limit down yesterday. Selloff and election 'issues' were a farce anyway. The incumbent won for Pete's sake - nothing changed. This is good indicator for Nasdaq given Taiwan is heavy on the Tech issues.

    And Nikkei bounced huge from -1.5% to almost flat at close.

    Singapore is strongly correllated with US and closed UP today after being down most of the day.

    I'll be long and strong the DAX in about 1.5 hours ... hopefully pyramid a large daytrade position & we get some upside momentum heading into the US open.

    Famous last words ... :p
  9. Yup. Mickeysoft will be the end of you, they will be fined the equivalent of a "parking ticket to a millionaire". Later on Goldman Sachs will disappoint, and proclaim teddy-bearishness for the rest of 04. (ironic) :D
  10. Up 10 points is "vertical"?????????
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