NQ is nasty mofo

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  1. Thought I'd try trading NQ futures for a change. F-that!.

    Talk about a choppy mess! Barely made it out intact today. Is it always so choppy?
  2. made $600 on my first emini trade, it was on the NQ...how many all in and all out was it?...10,20,30,100?...do you like the ES?....
  3. NQs always diverging
  4. I use ZeroLine Trader (thank God) and was trading 9 cars with 3,3,3 exit/scale out. All in at first like I do on the ES and ER. i finally switched to range bars (1.0) to smooth things out but even then it never seems to have any range. Is this the way it always trades? Do u guys trade 5,10, 15 min. bars??

  5. How would you have done in the ES/ER today?
  6. I trade it with 89pc and 144pc charts from Esignal using the feltontrading.com method. I like the NQ and I do not think it is any better or worse than anything else.

    BTW, 89pc is like a tick chart but different...it is a 89 "price change" chart which I learned about from Roger Felton that he is using with Esig.

    I use two charts and I only take dual confirmation trades with the NQ...the trades where both time frame charts align for a precise signal.
  7. thanks -thats good info.
  8. My understanding is that Esig is the only charting company that currently has the "price change" option for charting. I do notice it is cleaner than tick charts for signals, but I have found for my trading I can use tick or pc charts and the end results are about the same (even though I seem to get slight better entries with the "pc" charts.
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  10. I had heard of Felton by a guy in London said he was alright how have you found him? PM me if you like to avoid to calls of Spam
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