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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Rickshaw Man, Jul 23, 2021.

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  2. JPOW... I like that for his nickname. :)

    (But as he's a total DICKHEAD... can't you come up with something for his nick that incorporates "dick"?)
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  3. Well I don't know who you are, but Ive been saying buy the dips for quite some time.
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  4. At one time things like this mattered. Rising volume on sell offs, and falling volume on rallys. This is a clear sign of weakness. This matters no more. The FOMC thru its NY office, juice the stock index futures overnight. Here we are at all time highs on falling volume, who cares. You just can't fight an outfit with unlimited cash. They will not let the stock indexes fall, even a little bit.

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  5. Will buy more on the dip. Will post my weekend position right after cash close.

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  6. Buy order in place.

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  7. Buying NQ @ 14850 11:25am CST.
    #17     Jul 27, 2021
  8. Just sit tight kiddos, buy more if it dips. The hungry buyers can't resist.
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  9. By tomorrow morning we will be saying...what sell off. Hungry buyers gobble up the offers. Apple will report glowing numbers and crow about the future....same thing over and over.
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  10. Don't be afraid to buy into the close, Apple as usual will report blowout earning. Tomorrow the FOMC will Kow-Tow to the markets. Nothing to be concerned about. IT'S ALL RIGGED TO THE UPSIDE.....Buy Buy Buy Buy
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