NQ in red now????????????

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  1. This is f*k weird.
    YHOO contributes only 1% in NQ and even 20% drag down by YHOO is well offset by even if only 2% jump by MSFT/GOOG which account for >10% in NQ, what r these f*k idiot sellers thinking?
  2. Where is it? I don't trade futures, but can Globex prices be seen on IB?
  3. yes, type in symbol and hit enter on tws, select futures.
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    nasdaq futures down 5.75 now, which is nothing, Im sure tomorrow morning they will be bright GREEN. YHOO should have just settled on $33 a share....
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    Do you know that NQ is not just MSFT and YHOO right?
  7. MSFT (should be ?) and GOOG (should be up) are more heavily weighted than YHOO (should be way down) in the NQ. Then, try and factor in a possible overbought condition in the NQ, the dollar, oil, ags, and you end up with ??

    I don't know either.
  8. Little panic I see :)

    5-6 points is nothing. It's just volatility, a mild retracement.

    If it was 20-30 points, then that would be something else, but 5 points, come on, Romper Room, the Wiggles :)

  9. YHOO means almost nothing to the NQ


    As you can see, from the line numbered 21, YHOO is only 1.098% of the index (as of friday's market cap).

    GOOG is almost 5%, MSFT is 5.5%.
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    If YHOO goes down, GOOG can go down because it shows that YHOO or the business is not so hot. At least for the first few days.
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