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  1. I opened a small futures account last month just test the NQ waters a bit. Out of 15 day trades I have only made money once. Ever flip a coin and have tails come up 14 times in a row? Thats what I feel like right now...never in my life has trading made me want to punch a hole in the wall. In my worst day trading stocks in the last 3 years my longest losing streak is 4 trades. Sorry for the bullshit thread but I needed to vent. If don't make money today its adios NQ back to the easy stuff.

    I have much respect for anybody that trades this issue and makes money

    good luck

    P.S Uncle

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    choppy, low volume, summer

    NQ is more deadly than the ES, IMO
  3. I have learned to steer clear of NQ. I haven't traded it much, but don't remember many, if any winning trades on it. The chat room I lurk in makes NQ calls occassionally, and they almost always lose.

    I am sticking with ES and YM these days. ES has the volume, and YM is more tradeable. Sometimes I trade YM off my ES signals, because they move almost identically, and the action is smoother. Plus, the YM margin is almost half of ES (with IB), so you get more bang for your buck. :p
  4. Very true. But the part that has me crazed is that I trade the Q`s also and make consistent money (avg $100 net daily) but the same trading technique is losing me money in NQ??? :confused:

  5. yeah, my next project was gonna be the YM. I also watch QM and YG but the volume is just plain anemic in those.
  6. I used to trade the Q's, and still check the charts occassionally. I have noticed that it, like many widely traded issues, tends to trend much more smoothly than the NQ contract. This may be a stock versus future issue, there seems to be alot more volatilty in the futures markets. You could probably confirm this phenomenon by looking at SPY versus ES, and DIA versus YM. May give you some insight as to why your trades are working out differently.
  7. Only dabbed at the NQ a couple of times, so no advice here. So what are the "easy stuff" ?
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    nq has no range = no trends.

    alter your approach? scalp a point or 2?
  9. You have to answer that yourself. For me personally options are. I find them the easiest to let profits run with the limited downside risk..I only buy them.
  10. I though about that but the idea of scalping does not appeal to me. To labor intensive for the small payoff...IMO.
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