NQ gap .91% from 4:15-4:30

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  1. why?
  2. INTC?
  3. 4:22 [INTC] Intel puts Q1 revs at $7.9bln to $8.5bln
    4:21 [INTC] Intel Q4 revs $8.74bln vs $7.16bln

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) -- Intel reported fourth-quarter net income of $2.2 billion, or 33 cents a share, and revenue of $8.74 billion. Excluding an unexpected tax benefit of 6 cents a share, Intel earned 27 cents a share, two cents better than most analysts expected. Also, analysts expected sales of $8.64 billion, according to Reuters Research. For 2004, Intel set its capital spending budget between $3.6 billion and $4 billion.
  4. INTC and YHOO too , NQ kept falling while INTC was stabilizing
  5. with this news from intel, i hope dell have their promotions alittle earlier this quarter. i need a good deal on a laptop
  6. But if you are not aware of the earnings that just came out after the close, ie.) INTC, QLGC, AAPL, etc. - - - You just aren't in the Game!



    I second that
  8. Ebo


    Anybody that asks such a question after 530 posts deserves to be ridiculed!
  9. And rather than making my New Years Resolution to stay out of the Chit-Chat Forum, I should have just made it to stay off ET period.

    The James Stocks of the world are a sad relection of what ET has become, sad to say!

  10. omg get a clue ppl, not everyone is a pumpy dumpy stock daytrader. i swing trade futures systematically, and i could give a shyte about news and earnings until it produces an outlier, at which point mere curiosity kicks in, nothing more.

    "the game" lol, get a clue and reflect on your uninformed judgements of the competition... then... wag a dick retard, while i systematically extract your account in a wholesale fashion :)

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